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The Medical Consultation

We believe everyone’s skin deserves the attention of experts. Getting the advice of specialized, licensed medical professionals before applying a product to your face can help prevent unexpected damage or permanent scarring from improper care.

All providers on the platform have years of experience with acne as licensed dermatologists, dermatology physician assistants, or dermatology nurse practitioners.

Your provider will make the decision whether it would be more appropriate to see someone in person rather than online. A referral for an in-person visit will be made at that time. However, most cases of acne can be treated extremely effectively online, and your visit on AcneAway will mimic the in-person visit as closely as possible.

You will have an opportunity to see a different provider after your initial video visit if you believe that person is not a good fit for you. While continuity of care with the same provider is very important in clearing your skin, so is trusting your provider so you may also change your provider after subsequent visits as well.

Yes. Upon request we can forward your chart notes directly to your primary care provider or pediatrician.

Absolutely. You will be automatically matched up to your provider unless you request otherwise, as sticking with the same provider throughout your care can have a meaningful influence on your success at clearing acne.

The Products

The right products can vary from patient to patient and we recommend meeting with a medical provider to understand which products are right for you. There are cleansers, moisturizers, topical creams with active ingredients, oral antibiotics, and other oral medications like isotretinoin.

Yes! We simply coordinate the pharmacy order for you and make sure it is delivered to your house.

It depends! Meet with your licensed clinician through our platform and review the options that are best for your skin. If you have milder acne, you may not need prescription products to beat it and your clinician will help you select the most effective over-the-counter options.

Yes, the products are sold separately. Like with an in-person medical visit, the products are purchased from a pharmacy. However, if you are an AcneAway member we will coordinate the order and deliver them right to your door.

Yes! Schedule a visit with a licensed clinician through our platform and review your treatment options. If a prescription is necessary, you can get it through AcneAway.


Yes! If your treatment plan includes non-prescription products like a cleanser, moisturizer, or mild topical cream, we can coordinate the order for you and deliver it to you.


We will not charge you until you meet your provider and feel comfortable under their care. After your first visit, you will be asked to confirm your membership. Once you confirm, you will be able to access the platform, order your treatment plan and follow up with your provider.

As part of our commitment to connecting you with the best, unbiased medical guidance, we do not sell our own medication. However, we partner with pharmacies to find you the best available prices on your prescribed treatment plan, and will coordinate the order for you right to your home. Insurance coverage may apply.

Your insurance will not cover the cost of your membership, but it can be used to cover the costs of prescriptions in your treatment plan.

Your membership covers your provider visits and follow ups, as well as access to the platform that enables you to request refills and order your treatment plan directly to your home from one of our partnering pharmacies.

You can follow up with your provider as many times as medically needed. Your provider will recommend when to follow up after each visit, and you can also reach out to the clinical coordinator on your care team if you need medical attention sooner.

You can cancel your membership from renewing anytime.


If you or your child is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian should be part of the initial consultation. In circumstances where this is not possible, please contact and we will assist you with alternate ways to establish parental consent.

Yes. You may receive an email authorization to process the order but you will not need to be present for the delivery.

It will take between one day to one week depending on your location.

Currently, AcneAway is available only in New York State. We are working to be available to everyone all over the country. If we are not in your state but you wish to use AcneAway, please sign up so we know where to go next and can notify you when we are available in your state!

No. Shipping is free!


Results vary for every single patient. You can get a more realistic estimate from your licensed provider on our platform who can evaluate the level of your acne and the way your acne responds to your prescribed treatment. Generally you should start seeing results in 6-8 weeks. Your provider will work with you to find the most effective treatment for your specific acne and can adjust the plan over time.

As an AcneAway member you have access to a Care Coordinator to whom you may direct your questions about your care!

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